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food partners logoIn order to maximize efficiency and utilisation at their Kilmarnock site Food Partners have installed a Prodigy based system to monitor sandwich production lines.

Food Partners is Britain’s number one supplier of sandwiches to the Food Service industry, making more than one million sandwiches every week and delivering them fresh to customers across the UK.

System features include;

  • Stainless steel housed operator terminals for easy wash down.
  • Live factory floor overview using colour to highlight running, stopped or slow machines.
  • Counting of sandwiches made with a re-settable running total being displayed on the operator interface.
  • Calculation and recording of production rate for real time and historic graphing.
  • Monitoring of machine running and stopped time for production of daily utilisation report and machine speed graphs.
  • Setting of nominal machine speeds against which the measured production rate can be monitored.