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Prodigy - HMI SCADA Industrial Automation Software

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Fully developed and supported in the UK, Prodigy HMI SCADA industrial automation software is proven in use in a diverse range of applications and industries around the world.

 Prodigy HMI SCADA industrial automation software is proven in use in a diverse range of applications and industries around the world.

Built on forty years experience of systems integration it is the software that countless companies rely upon for the smooth and efficient running of their day to day operations. 

Highly flexible and versatile, Prodigy SCADA offers the ideal industrial automation solution and can be used for any level of monitoring, control and automation application. 

Prodigy has been developed on the back of a vast range of monitoring, control and automation systems and applications in the UK and overseas. For a flavour of Prodigy’s capabilities you can read summaries of real industrial applications.

Comprehensive Facilities

Prodigy provides the most comprehensive range of dedicated facilities in its class. Most user needs can be catered for with these facilities “out of the box” without the time consuming and expensive customisation sometimes required with other software. Also because Prodigy facilities are integrated and work together seamlessly and efficiently there are none of the problems associated with using third party 'bolt on' software.

Prodigy is scalable. This means that even the most basic entry level systems can be expanded enterprise wide by upgrading I/O, adding facilities and networking multiple systems. So when you choose Prodigy you are not limiting your systems long term capabilities or risking your initial investment.

Continuous Development

Developed by a long established and independent UK company Prodigy is in continuous development to ensure it is in the forefront of automation technology. As industrial requirements change you can rest assured that earlier versions of Prodigy can be updated at any time in the future.

Fast Reliable Technical Support

Support, when it is required, is fast and reliable. Our high quality support is one of the reasons our customers remain loyal users.  The support team combines technical expertise, prompt response time, effective communication skills, remote support capabilities, continuous improvement, and proactive monitoring so that customers can operate their Prodigy based systems efficiently and confidently.

Find out more at the Prodigy Scada web site or contact us now for further information.