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Prodigy has been used for a vast range of applications. Below are some summaries of typical applications.

If you have an application and would like advice on using Prodigy please contact us.

Span Gas Calibration Tracking

A tracking system for span gas or calibration gas has been supplied to Cummins Engines European Technical Centre at Darlington UK.

Specialised calibration gas mixtures are used by engine manufacturers for environmental compliance and engine emissions testing in order to meet required calibration standards when testing engines for production and research.

Autoclave Control and Process Monitoring

Retrofit autoclave control system designed to perform automatic temperature and pressure control cycles for advanced composites manufacturing in the aerospace industry.

Automated Wort Boiling Control

A system designed to take automatic control of the wort boiling process in a brewery so that an increase in consistency could be achieved and savings could be made in steam usage.

Automatic Retort Control

A system designed to automate the control of a small retort, used for University teaching and research.

Batch Process Monitoring

Batch process monitoring system improves product consistency for a major food manufacturer.