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OEM SCADA Software

...and Custom HMI Design and Development

Do you need software for new product lines, to replace outdated software or for new markets but do not have the time or resources to develop software from scratch - our OEM SCADA - HMI software offers an ideal solution.

Tascomp OEM Software, based on Prodigy SCADA - HMI and its class leading range of facilities, provides a fast and economical way to have a ready made industrial control and monitoring software for resale.

Any level of specialized functionality can be incorporated to meet customer application requirements. The use of flexible licensing allows custom licenses to be created that closely match these facilities with the OEM application. This makes them very cost effective for OEM's because they do not pay for facilities they will not use. Further saving can be made by purchasing licenses in bulk and activating them as and when they are needed.

We provide a complete service of SCADA and HMI design and development to meet your needs, on going technical support, training etc.

Many companies have now taken advantage of this service - use the side menu links to view some recent projects. If you have an OEM SCADA or custom HMI application please contact us for an informal talk about how we can help you with your project.