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OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

OEE has become a widely used metric in industry. PlantRun OEE systems can automatically calculate and report OEE for any number of machines or equipment, freeing your staff to do more value added work.

To maximise overall equipment effectiveness it is necessary to use some form of measurement tool that allows you to identify problems and measure the effect of any action taken to reduce them. OEE is the measurement tool that is used to do this.

OEE combines the factors of Availability, Performance Rate and Quality Rate to provide a percentage number. It offers an easy to understand figure that can be applied to a single machine or entire factory floor.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness % = Availability x Performance Rate x Quality Rate

In a perfect world your equipment would run 100 percent of the time at 100 percent capacity, with an output of 100 percent good quality. This would give the perfect OEE figure of 100% but of course in the real world this is not possible due to inevitable losses. World class level of OEE performance is generally accepted as 85% although many businesses will struggle to achieve 60%.

Automatic OEE Calculation

PlantRun systems automatically collect the required data, calculate and report the OEE figure in realtime as well as provide comprehensive machine downtime and utilisation reporting and analysis.

The benefits of using a Prodigy OEE software based system include:

  • Eliminating the need for labour intensive manual data collection and analysis - frees staff to do more value added work
  • Real time OEE calculation - constantly updated efficiency data can be used to motivate staff
  • Higher accuracy and credibility of OEE calculation - accurate information is vital to continuous improvement
  • Instant OEE reports and analysis - information is available on demand without having to wait for manually collected data to be processed

Read more about using PlantRun for automatic OEE calculation and reporting.

OEE Resources

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