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wireless scada systemThe need to run cables for monitoring systems can often make installation difficult. Operational disturbance, loss of productivity, contamination clean up, and safety issues are just some of the associated problems.

Also short term monitoring systems can be deemed unviable due to the time and cost involved in running cables temporarily.

These problems have been solved through collaboration between Tascomp, developers of Prodigy monitoring and control software and data logger manufacturers Signatrol. By using Prodigy software and the Signatrol SL400 radio telemetry system a completely wireless option is now available.

A typical system comprises of a base station, permanently connected to a personal computer running Prodigy software and up to 200 remote monitoring stations each having up to 4 sensor inputs, giving a total of 800 channels per site. The PC and base station can be situated at any convenient location to provide centralised site wide data reporting and analysis. Systems can also be networked to provide distributed access to the system wherever it is needed.

The compact remote units can be quickly and easily attached to just about any surface and will operate up to 300 metres away from the base station in a normal building application or up to 1000 metres with clear line of site. The range includes dedicated versions for temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure, light level, ultra-violet, process signals, and volt free contacts.

A pan-European licence free transmission frequency is used and maintenance of the remote units is minimal with a battery life of approximately 5 years depending upon the sample rate. To preserve data integrity if the PC is turned off the base station has battery back up and can hold up to 4 days of collected data, which is automatically downloaded to the computer when it is switched on.

Prodigy provides comprehensive facilities for data analysis, reporting and alarms. Powerful trending tools allow easy access and manipulation of real time and historic trends. Fully customisable reports can be printed, faxed, emailed or automatically published to a website. Sophisticated alarm monitoring, reporting and logging facilities allow fast response to problems with alarm conditions triggering on screen banners, annunciators or reports. SMS text messaging can also be used to receive and accept system alarms straight from a mobile phone as well as request and receive mini reports.

The latest version of Prodigy makes it easy to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations for electronic signatures and electronic records implementation in food and drug related industries. The enhanced user security, data security and audit trail features are flexible with manual or automatic configuration. Users that may have a future need for the facility have the option to enable it any time that it is required. Users with systems running earlier versions of Prodigy can make them compliant with the regulations simply by upgrading to the latest version.

Prodigy is easy to upgrade, which makes it possible to expand a system as and when required, simply by changing the software licence. This protects your initial investment, as there is no need to replace the whole system and original configuration when you expand it.

The sheer flexibility provided of easy installation or relocation without disturbance makes this type of system particularly suited for use in laboratories, clean rooms, pharmaceutical and food manufacture, galleries and museums, hire systems or anywhere where running cables is difficult or impossible.

Prodigy systems are available through a network of authorised resellers. Please contact us for further information.

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