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Food Processing

A quality control record system providing "proof of process" data for food manufacture that facilitated Lawcred and EFSIS accreditation.

Food Processing MonitoringAs part of its design, the system allowed the customer to computerise its quality control record system. This led to the attainment of Lawcred and EFFSIS accreditation which is a key requirement of the large supermarket chains.

In addition to providing an easy to use interface for the operators, the system gives an instant overview of production status to the factory management.

The system is also accessed remotely by the Engineering department to investigate problems and to determine if changes that have been made have had a positive or detrimental effect.

Key Benefits

Food Processing

  • Continuous quality monitoring
  • Provision of “Proof of Process” data
  • Allowed Due Diligence to be demonstrated
  • Enabled Lawcred and EFFSIS to be attained

By incorporating a long term data storage facility, past production runs can be easily analysed using the historic trending package, making it easier to work towards process improvements.

Alarm monitoring was incorporated to highlight any signal straying outside its allowed limits.

Alarm conditions appear on the permanent alarm banner and the specific area of the mimic display changes colour to draw attention to the potential problem.

Prodigy’s Alarm Scheduler was also used to prevent nuisance alarms during cleaning cycles and shutdown periods.

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