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bacardi logo 150Bacardi, the largest privately owned spirits manufacturer, has implemented PlantRun systems to improve efficiency at it's bottling plants in the UK and Italy.

The initial requirement was to capture accurate data for a consultant lead project at John Dewar & Sons (JDSL) at Glasgow, UK. A PlantRun OEE system was supplied to monitor a bottling line, with DTM04 Outstations positioned along the line. Outstations allow connection of sensors from the line and provide an operator interface so that staff can interact with the system without leaving the line.

This ‘standard’ PlantRun layout is designed to be fast to develop, straight forward to install and highly cost effective. The system has since been expanded to add further bottling lines.

Month on month improvements in OEE at JDSL has lead to a PlantRun system being supplied to the Martini Rossi bottling plant at Pessione, Italy.

At this site the system moniotrs two bottling lines and connects to equipment PLCs over the existing LAN with operator interaction using custom screens on PCs in the production area.

Read more at the PlantRun web site - Bottling line monitoring direct to Excel