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Prodigy's integrated Statistical Process Control quickly brings the benefits of SPC data analysis to any industrial, manufacturing or shop floor process.

Automated SPC data collection

SPC Software

Comprehensive range of SPC charts.

Automated collection of signal data to use in SPC analysis, featuring automatic exclusion of data produced during the process run-up or pausing.

Calculation and display of all essential factors used in SPC chart production.
  • Mean
  • Standard deviation
  • Process capability (Cp and Cpk)
  • Machine capability (Cm and Cmk)
  • Limits for individuals
  • All control limits
  • All SPC constants used in the calculations

Automatic application pf pattern rules.

Automatic detection and removal of infrequent "rogue" data points.

Direct link to SPC from Prodigy trends enables you to instantly run an SPC analysis for any trend

Prodigy's SPC software combines automated data collection and statistical process control for fast and accurate analysis of any industrial, manufacturing or shop floor process.

Automated data collection ensures near realtime response with the information you need available on demand. There is also no requirement for manual data collection and inputting, saving both time and money. A manual entry option is still available however, for data that is difficult to measure automatically, or which is subjective. Externally produced data can also be directly imported in csv files. SPC data can be analysed continuously or in run-by-run basis, perhaps relating to batches or production shifts.

Comprehensive SPC Chart Options

Prodigy SPC software contains a full range of chart options, including Individual & Range, Average & Range, Median & Range, Line Plots and Distribution Histograms with the ability to swap between different control charts at the click of a button with no need to resample data.

As an integral part of the SPC charts, Prodigy highlights any out-of-control points, indicating whether these were caused by exceeding control limits or by violating pattern rules. Where appropriate, Prodigy can calculate the process and machine capability factors.

As a full aid to the QA process, Prodigy SPC software can optionally show the control limits that it calculates for each chart, along with the various constants and working factors that it uses in its calculations.

It is fully configurable allowing a standard set of options to be selected for each SPC project. These are then applied to each SPC run within this project. This means that running an analysis for successive batches of data is as simple as can be with no need to reselect any options.

Standard options include which pattern rules to implement, how to deal with rogue out-of-control points, sample sizes, specification limits, which factors to display and standard options such as line colours and fonts.

Flexible Automated Data Collection

As part of the mechanism to allow the automated capture of SPC data, Prodigy allows you to use shop floor signals to govern the collection of the data. No data will be used for periods where these signals dictate otherwise. For instance, a process may need time to reach operating conditions before any product being created is actually of use. Prodigy can be programmed to ignore such periods and only use the data when the process is running correctly.

"Prodigy SPC software- finally a professional tool for industrial statistics"
Etienne Neyens, Managing Director - ISI Belgium

SPC is integrated with Prodigy's trending facilities. This means that when viewing any historic trend you can switch straight to an SPC analysis at the click of a button. SPC will analyse all signals on the trend for the time period covered by that trend.

The SPC facility is available as standard in the Prodigy Complete software package and is an add on option for the Lite, Classic or Chart Recorder software packages.

The benefits that Prodigy's cost effective SPC facility offers for industrial and manufacturing processes ensures a fast return on investment.

This facility is available up to Prodigy version 8.

SPC Software
Example SPC Chart