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Prodigy Shop Floor Terminal Support enables the use of remote access terminals for shop floor data input/output as an alternative to a remote PC workstation.

Shop floor terminalsRemote access terminals are fully sealed units that have a simple numeric and function key approach that can be configured to allow interactions with a Prodigy system.

Any signal in the system can be viewed on the terminals LCD display and new values for defined signals can be entered. The terminal can also be configured to provide other functionality including the viewing and accepting of current alarms.

An example of using terminals is for downtime monitoring where a terminal can be conveniently situated adjacent to the machine or machines being monitored. In this case the terminal can be used for input of batch ID and batch start, selection and choice of downtime stoppage codes or reasons. Operators can also easily access information such as current production rates, target production rates etc.

Shop Floor Terminal Support allows the configuration and operation of multiple remote access terminals with up to 32 terminals on the same RS-485 multi-drop communications loop.

Specification sheets in pdf format for the full range of Machine Utilisation and Down Time Monitor Terminal hardware can be downloaded here.