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Prodigy's Expert System facility is knowledge management software that lets you capture the expertise of your most skilled personnel so that anyone can provide the ideal response to problems that occur by following clearly defined decision and action routines.

Capture the knowledge

Expert System allows you to organise your knowledge into any number of decision "trees". The root of each tree is the problem that you need to solve. Below the root you define all the decision and action nodes needed to find the solution to each problem.

EDS tree

Access the knowledgebase

When a problem occurs, the user selects the decision tree related to that problem. They are then presented with a series of questions and possible answers.Some questions will provide simple multiple choice answers. Where Prodigy can retrieve the answer to a question from its realtime or batch databases, the user will be offered that answer to help them make a decision. Where the answer to a question may involve the user having to make a more difficult or subjective choice, Prodigy can be configured to offer assistance in the form of documents, pictures, sound or video.

expert data log

Automated fault diagnosis & correction

Many questions will involve simple checks such as "Was the steam pressure OK", "How much water was added", etc. Often Prodigy will be able to retrieve the information needed to answer these questions from the realtime database or batch records. If sufficient process measurements are available to allow an entire decision tree to be answered in this way, then Expert System can be configured to run the tree at regular intervals with the potential to automatically diagnose problems as they develop.

Proven in use

Expert System is ideal for use in complex processes or where process variables need to be tightly controlled to ensure quality and repeatability of the end product. Prodigy Expert System has been proven in use in the food industry for jam manufacturing and in the chemicals industry for the production of colour pigments.

Expert System comes as standard in the Prodigy Complete package and can be added to the Classic and Lite packages.

This facility is available up to Prodigy version 8.