SCADA Software - Prodigy Classic

Prodigy Classic builds upon the Lite package to provide all of the core facilities that are required for small to medium SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications including the following facilities;
Prodigy classic
  • Historic Trending
  • Recipe Handling and Batch Data Facilities
  • Report Execution
  • On Line Maintenance
  • Automatic Data Archive
  • Alarm Scheduler
  • SMS1 - Alarm Output

Additional facilities listed below can be added on a per module basis. In the same way, additional I/O points and internal tags can be added to expand the package to handle larger requirements.

Additional facilities listed below, I/O and tags can be added at any time simply by changing the software license. This means that a system can grow with user requirements without discarding the original system or configuration thereby protecting your initial investment.

Proof-of Process Report Shop Floor Terminal Support E-mail Alarms & Reports
Downtime Monitoring SMS2 - Interactive PDF Report Output
Profiles / Ideal Curves SPC Display Replay
Software Controllers Sequence of Event Recorder Expert System
Automatic Test Sequence Timed & Faxed Reports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Calibration Tracking Multigraph SQL Support

Prodigy Classic comes as standard with 300 I/O points and 3000 internal tag allowance.

Prodigy Classic is available in two versions - Development and Runtime. Development versions allow access to the configuration section associated with many Prodigy facilities. This is needed when developing a new system or modifying an exisiting system.

Runtime packages are ideal for completed or pre-configured systems where you will not want to make regular configuration changes, or want to deliberately prohibit any changes from being made. Runtime licenses are also cheaper, saving you money on multiple systems that use the same configuration.

Fixed or Transportable Licenses
Prodigy packages come with fixed or transportable licenses. Fixed licenses can be used on one computer and cannot be moved to another without re-registering the license. Transportable licenses are dongle based and can be moved from one computer to another without having to re-register the license.

Prodigy Classic can be expanded to be accessed remotely on a network or connected to share data with one or more Prodigy systems. Read about these options in the Network Access and Interconnect category.

Information on all Prodigy facilities can be found here or you can download the Prodigy Technical Overview

Prodigy Classic pricing including add-on modules, I/O & tag upgrades - download the Prodigy Price List

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