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Weighbridge Remote Control

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Automated weighbridge control reduces manning and improves goods movement planning.
An overhead crane is used to transfer wire from lorries on the weighbridge into a storage area. As it is unloaded, the size, quality and weight of the load is checked against the delivery note. Previously this activity had required two employees: one in the crane cab (~40ft up) unloading the lorry; and one taking the weight measurements and checking the delivery notes.

Key Benefits

Weighbridge Remote Control
  • Better utilisation of existing manpower
  • Automatic reports to planning
  • Permanent log of wire size, quality and weight received from each supplier
  • Improved accuracy of data through the use of bar codes on incoming deliveries

The system was designed to give full control to the crane operator by providing access to the weight measurements, print and zero actions, and the traffic control system. Two industrially sealed TM8500 terminals and two TM90 slip printers were provided to give access points at both the crane cab and in the weighbridge office.

Collected data was stored in daily files which could be used to produce weekly reports in the weighbridge office and could also be accessed directly in the planning office.

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Attached files

Weighbridge Remote Control.pdf
Application write-up (pdf format)