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OEE Calculation - Free OEE calculator spreadsheet

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Download our free, simple to use OEE calculator spreadsheet. Simply enter your data into the spreadsheet for automatic OEE calculation.

The spreadsheet makes OEE calculation easier but unfortunately it won't help with collecting the data! Manual collection and processing of data for OEE calculation is time consuming and ensures that it is always out of date.
Prodigy industrial automation software collects data in realtime directly from the equipment you want to track. It saves the time needed to manually collect the data leaving staff available to do more productive work. The data is highly accurate compared to manually collected data and it is available immediately. You can analyse OEE continuously and display it on the shop floor so your staff can see exactly how they are performing.

You can find out more about cost effective Prodigy based systems for OEE calculation and machine downtime reporting and analysis here.

You can find more information on OEE including useful links to resources on the internet here.

To download your free OEE calculator spreadsheet just complete the form below and press OK - you will be taken to a page where you can download the OEE calculator spreadsheet.

Free OEE Calculation download form

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